Discover our different models of magnetic latches. In fact, they all have a side pull latch to further secure the glass door lock. In addition, they lock in automatically when the door closes.


To maximize your safety and others one, we recommend using the magnetic latch in conjunction with a hinge. In fact, magnetic latches with locks are designed to join two perpendicular panels in a corner.


Several types of latches are available according to your needs. The application can be made for a glass security barrier around a swimming pool or a terrace. In addition, the application can also be done for any glass balustrade project.


In addition, for more information or for any other request, do not hesitate to contact us.


Notre loquet de porte magnétique verre à verre avec angle de 180 degrés comprenant un verrou pour une sécurité maximale.


Our glass-to-glass magnetic door latches have an angle of 90 degrees. They also have the function of a lock for maximum security.

Modèle de loquet de porte magnétique avec verrou conçu pour verre à mur. Un butoir d’arrêt permet d’empêcher la porte de s’ouvrir vers l’extérieur.

Ce loquet de porte magnétique sans verrou conçu pour verre à verre en acier inoxydable est idéal pour les espaces restreints.